If you're looking for a compound bow, we have bows from all of the major manufacturers listed here. The Compound Archery Store also stocks arrows, bowstrings, stabilizers, sights and other accessories. In fact you can find everything you need to get started in doing a complete archery fit out...and you'll find the prices competitive.

Searching for archery equipment need not be a confusing exercise that wastes your time. Even if you don't know the difference between a compound bow and a recurve bow, there is enough information contained here at Compound Archery and on our blog to quickly steer you where you want to go.

Compound Archery stocks quality archery supplies to cater for the needs of all standards of archery enthusiasts, from the beginner right through to the serious bow hunter.

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There are any number of brands of bows, many of which are stocked here at Compound Archery. However, different bows will suit different people with drawing weight and bow size playing a big part in your bow selection. What you want to use the bow for will also determine which bow is right for you, depending on whether you will be target shooting or hunting, shooting in competitions or for pleasure.

Recurve Bows

The recurve bow resembles what we think of when we picture a traditional bow, except the tips of the limbs are curved backwards. Recurve bows are the bows used in target archery competition and the kind of bow you will see used at the Olympic Games. When you draw back a recurve bowstring the draw weight of the bow increases. You might often hear the recurve bow referred to as the takedown bow which was developed in the 1950s by the Bear Archery Company as a recurve hunting bow and it is still a preffered design today.

Compound Bows

Compound bows differ from recurve bows in that they use a system of pulleys, or cams, to assist in drawing the bow. The limbs of compound bows are much stiffer than those of recurve bows making the bow a more energy efficient bow, but because this stiffness makes it too difficult to draw unassisted, the cams are necessary.

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Bow Sights

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Short Framed Hunting Bows

There is an increasing number of hunting compound bows that are designed with shorter than standard axle-to-axle lengths. These compact bows are often just as fast and hard hitting as the larger bows but their compact size means they can be taken to tighter spaces and are suitable for treestand or blind shooting.

Listed below is a selection of short-framed compound bows that might be a good starting point for any hunter looking for the easier to manoeuvre type. Next to the name of each bow we have also supplied the axle-to-axle length in inches.

Find out more about any of the bows displayed below by simply clicking on the model name.

Mathews ZXTMathews ZXT (28") Mathews Creed XSMathews Creed XS (28") Hoyt IgniteHoyt Ignite (28")
Bear FinesseBear Finesse (28-5/8") PSE Fever OnePSE Fever One (30") Mathews Heli-mMathews Heli-m (30")
Mathews CreedMathews Creed (30") Hoyt Faktor 30Hoyt Faktor 30 (30") PSE VergePSE Verge (30")
Martin ProwlerMartin Prowler (30") Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30 (30") PSE PremonitionPSE Premonition (30")

The Compound Archery Store not only contains a vast range of compound bows, there is also a selection of arrows, points, nocks, fletches and other accessories necessary to keep the busy bowhunter or target shooter in business. All of these products are available at very competitive prices.