Hoyt 38 Pro

The Hoyt 38 Pro compound bow has been redesigned and released for 2008 fitted with durable Hoyt laminated XT 1000 limbs. The old Hoyt Cam & 1/2 has been replaced by the new Cam & 1/2 Plus which according to the Hoyt website gives it the smoothest draw you've ever experienced. The Hoyt 38 Pro is an equally good choice for the bowhunter or the target shooter, both of whom would be after an extremely accurate bow with forgiveness and field-tested performance behind it.


Hoyt 38 Pro Specs

Draw Weights : 40-80 lbs
Draw Lengths : 25-33.5"
Axle to Axle : 38"
Brace Height : 7.75"
Mass Weight : 4.6 lbs
IBO Speed : 306 fps

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