Hoyt CRX 32

The Hoyt CRX 32 compound bow features the company’s popular TEC LITE riser with the new Perfect Balance Stabilization System. The Fuel Cam & 1⁄2, XTS Pro ARC limbs, Pro-Lock limb pockets, 180 Pro-Fit Custom Grip, In-Line Roller Guard and more are showcased on the new Hoyt rig as well.

Eighty years of bowhunting passion and innovation have culminated in the radical new CRX Series. Every purpose-built inch of the hunt-ready CRX is engineered for optimum results in any condition - whether you endure long hours in a stand or traverse mile after grueling mile in the harshest conditions. CRX features the sleekest, leanest, TEC LITE riser we’ve ever designed, supporting the new XTS PRO ARC limbs and racy Fuel Cams—delivering a lethal combination of speed, accuracy and vibration-free silence. Not only does the CRX 32 boast numerous new and innovative features, it also shoots like a dream.

Take a look at the Hoyt CRX 32 compound bows that have been offered for display below and make a selection in order to get more information about each.


Hoyt CRX 32 Specs

Draw Weights : 40-90lbs
Draw Lengths : 24.5-30”
Axle to Axle : 32″
Brace Height : 7”
Mass Weight : 3.95lbs
Effective Let Off : 65%
IBO Speed: 323 fps

Hoyt CRX32 Bow w sight release etc
Hoyt CRX32 Bow w sight release etc
Time Remaining: 10d 12h 25m
Buy It Now for only: $500.00
Ready to Shoot Hoyt CRX32 Bow Package 50 to 60 lb 2 Cam CRX 32
Ready to Shoot Hoyt CRX32 Bow Package 50 to 60 lb 2 Cam CRX 32
Time Remaining: 17d 8h 12m
Buy It Now for only: $599.99
Hoyt CRX 32 LH
Hoyt CRX 32 LH
Time Remaining: 26d 9h 27m
Buy It Now for only: $625.00

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